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Carpet Cleaning Daly City CA

Chem-Dry by Leonard's specific technique to carpet cleaning offers such a superior experience for both you and your carpets. As the best in the industry, we offer reasonably priced carpet cleaning while maintaining quality and offering the best care to your carpet. At Chem-Dry, we take care of your carpet like our own. We grasp that sometimes you get too busy to spend the time and effort cleaning your own carpets, so let the professionals with the most effective equipment perform the service for you!

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Upholstery Cleaning Daly City CA

Chem-Dry by Leonard has high quality upholstery cleaning services at a cost-effective price. Feel like your furniture just doesn’t look the way it used to? Don’t stress; we’ve got your back. We have an assortment of stain and grime-fighting solutions free of the hard chemicals included in competitor cleaning brands. Whether its food or paint, sweat or dirt, our professional technicians are equipped for your disaster.

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Pet Urine Removal Daly City CA

Pet Urine Removal Treatment, or otherwise known as P.U.R.T., is special to the Chem-Dry brand. P.U.R.T is an oxidizing product that begins a chemical reaction that destroys the urine odor, as well as, the urine debris left behind by your furry friends. P.U.R.T. reaches down into your carpets to extract debris other ordinary cleaning process can't extract.

Stain Removal Pacific Daly City CA

Chem-Dry by Leonard's top rated equipment and solutions provide you with the most effective prospect at a clean carpet. Our specialists are educated to handle specifically your kind of disaster, and we offer the trustworthy caring service you would provide your self! Your carpets deserve the best, and we’re the best!

Area Rug Cleaning Daly City CA

While they do add nicely to the style of any room, area rugs get a good deal of foot traffic. This is not avoidable, as their position is usually in a well-visited room or hallway. Reduce pointless replacement of pricey decor by calling Chem-Dry by Leonard to see how we can turn a favorite floor covering into a work of art! Our products and service are state-of-the-art to provide your home with the royal treatment.

Commercial Cleaning Daly City CA

How often do you look around your office and wonder, “How can we improve this workspace? Are we getting maximum efficiency?” We frequently give our home and personal space higher priority than our workplace, even though we spend the greater part of our day at work. Carpets get filthy, no matter where you are. It’s time to give them a deep clean from Chem-Dry by Leonard!

Tile and Grout Cleaning Daly City CA

Chem-Dry by Leonard offers top-of-the-line tile and grout services to our customers. Tile is just one of those things you don’t recognize is soiled until you get it cleaned. The change in look can be mind-blowing! You may think you are good for another couple years, but tile and grout should really be cleaned every 12-18 months.

daly city ca cleaning services daly city ca cleaning services daly city ca cleaning services

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