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Past Reviews

"Excellent service! They understood what we needed, confirmed the appointment, arrived on time, was friendly, respected our home, cleaned the carpets and rugs all with a smile.  Very professional."

- Joy A. of Berkeley, CA

"I called Chem-Dry by Leonard when my elderly pooch with incontinence issues had accidents on carpeting, rugs and my sofa.  I selected Chem-Dry as a result of their urine cleaning solution. I had previously tried purchasing my own carpet cleaner and using the "Pet Solution" - to be honest, that only made the issue worse. I was able to find availability just a few days out. Corman called 15 minutes prior to confirm availability.  He arrived, was incredibly professional and efficient, and did an excellent job. Not only is the smell gone, the carpets, rugs, and couch look like new!  They accepted AMEX via Square.  I would definitely use Chem-Dry by Leonard again if needed."

Mark F. of San Francisco, CA

"Pretty easy to work with.  Chem-Dry offered some flexibility with scheduling so that we could meet our deadline and I'm so glad that I didn't have to shop around.  Our service was for commercial upholstery cleaning. Malik arrived early and was attentive to the idiosyncrasies of our facility and needs of service. Malik seemed knowledgeable and he finished the assignment in the time expected."

- Stephanie K. of San Diego, CA

"We still had a persisting smell in the crevice of our couch and Chem-Dry by Leonard came out a second time free of charge to address the issue. Awesome customer service!"

- Andrew V. of San Jose, CA

"Malik just left and the carpets look amazing!!! 2 apartments (1 really bad from construction work) 4 flights of stairs, hallway/common area....he got -er done! Really, really nice guy, personable and professional! Did a great job! Will set up bi-annual cleaning only if I can get Malik every time!"

- S. P. of Pacifica, CA

"Leonard and Malik did a phenomenal job on my couch! They were timely, professional, honest and polite. All of my options were outlined clearly and I came away feeling like the service and results were well worth the money. Won't hesitate to use these guys again and recommend them to others!"

- James M. of San Francisco, CA

"Timely, speedy, quality work by this team!! Good pricing for high quality work. Great service and really genuinely kind staff! Took great care of my vintage red Persian rug (literally looks like new now!) they cleaned my Restoration Hardware white chunky braided wool rug which is also looking amazing. They were able to do everything within an hour and a half (3 large area rugs and wall to wall carpet on entry way, hallway and 17 step staircase) - so really efficient. They also were able to schedule me last minute which was awesome. Great customer service! Highly recommend!"

- Sara B. of San Francisco, CA

"I recently had my 10 year old carpet cleaned and it now looks like new.  I was able to book an appointment when I needed it and the staff was able to move around the appointment to accommodate my schedule, which I really appreciated.  They arrived on time and quickly cleaned the carpet.  I would highly recommend them."

- Pamela T. of San Francisco, CA

"A few months ago, my girlfriend and I were lamenting the state of our couch and almost gave up hope on it. Our poor cat had had some accidents on it, and despite our intensive cleaning afterwards, it still seemed like there was some lingering unpleasant scents. So we went in search of sofa/carpet cleaning on yelp and came upon the stellar reviews for Leonard. We gave him a call and he was able to come in the same week. As a precaution, we had him treat our whole carpet in addition to the couch. After a couple days, the living room smelled fresh and neutral and our sanity was returned to us. As for the actual service, the two associates were both really professional and thoroughly answered any questions we had. It was a pleasure doing business with them and would definitely recommend to anyone who has had similar issues (or just wants a fresher, cleaner living space.)"

- Jon T. of San Francisco, CA

 "My 15 year old cat has had every conceivable accident on my beige burber carpet and recently pooped on my sofa while I was traveling.   Based upon Yelp reviews, I called  Chem Dry by Leonard.  Koman came the day after I called and my sofa and rug look amazing. Korman was prompt, knowledgeable and efficient.  It feels so good to have a clean carpet and sofa.  Not only was the sofa cleaned, but sanitized as well. Thank you, Korman!"

- Donna D. of San Francisco, CA

 "I wish I could blame all the stains on our baby but I dropped a cup of coffee on one new carpet and my wife dropped a glass of orange juice on another. They came. They saw. They cleaned. Both carpets are good as new. Have a feeling we will be seeing more of these guys. Highly recommended."

- Nick G. of San Francisco, CA

  "I needed a stain removed from my couch that had been left to sit for about 5 days. I called to get someone to come out immediately. Corman took the call and was able to fit me in the following day. Given the soonest time he had available, I had to leave work in the middle of the day to meet him. He was very good about communicating his exact arrival time the day of, which made this very easy for me. He was there for less than 30 minutes and the stain came out perfectly! The entire process was very quick and easy and he was a pleasure to speak with. I highly recommend this company!"

- Melissa S. of San Francisco, CA

"Chem-Dry by Leonard did a great job cleaning my sofa. Cormon was efficient, pleasant and professional. I will absolutely use their services again."

- Kelly K. of San Francisco, CA

 "I booked Chem-Dry by Leonard to come into our office and clean over 40 chairs, sectionals, and couches over the weekend. As it was a pretty big job, Corman (who was courteous and professional, I might add) came out to do an evaluation of our furniture ahead of time in order to give us an accurate quote. This service cost $35, but it was taken off of our final invoice when I decided to book them for the job. I scheduled them for a Saturday, which Corman happily agreed to, and when the day came, he and another technician, Malik, came to our offices promptly at the agreed-upon time. Embarrassingly, I was a few minutes late, but they patiently waited for me to show up and were very nice about the whole thing. After all was said and done, it took Malik less than 5 hours to complete the job. While I'm not too familiar with the upholstery-cleaning process, he seemed to do a great job, overall. The only issue I had was that 2 chairs were missed that I had shown them. Normally, I might be inclined to give 4 stars because of this. However, when I realized what happened and called Corman a couple days later, he apologized and fit me into their cleaning schedule the NEXT day to come back and take care of them. To me, that's 5 star service."

- Kaia K. of San Francisco, CA

 "My carpet is over 17 years old and whenever I contemplate replacing it I call Chem Dry by Leonard first.  They came yesterday and now the stairs and hallway look great again.   I have been using Chem Dry for over 15 years and specifically Chem Dry by Leonard for over 10 years.  I love the Chem Dry method and Leonard and his team are fantastic!  In addition to being very reasonably priced, they are punctual, professional and honest.  You may get a message if you call while they are working, but they never fail to get back to me promptly.  They have always been great about working within my schedule, even during the holidays!  I highly recommend them to anyone looking to get their carpet, upholstery or rugs really clean!"

- Marsha P. of San Francisco, CA

 "These guys were great!  Malik and his partner came and they were both very friendly and helpful.  The price was fair and now my sofa, chaise and white wool carpet look new again. I am very happy."

- Melissa M. of San Francisco, CA

 "I had a great experience with Chem-Dry and highly recommend them. I own a large five-piece sectional couch that consists of natural material and is white/cream colored. The couch has collected a number of small stains over the years, and I was on the verge of replacing it with a new, darker couch for fear a white couch could never be truly cleaned (and why I ever agreed to purchase a white couch in the first place is still a mystery to me). I found Chem-Dry on Yelp, liked the reviews, and set-up an appointment which was easy to do. Two days later, Chem-Dry sent over Corman to clean the couch, and he was awesome. Not only was Corman extremely friendly, but he worked quickly, explained the entire cleaning process to me (which was helpful for future reference), and did a fantastic job in about 45 minutes. I'm happy to say my couch looks almost-new again, and these guys just saved me a couple grand on having to buy a new piece of furniture."

- Mitch S. of San Francisco, CA

 "Highly recommend Chem Dry! Malik did an awesome job on a  rug we own and took great care in the details. Half the rug was a different color from wear, and he revived it to look new. Thank you, Malik!!"

- Jill K. of San Francisco, CA

 "Corman and his crew were fantastic!They were punctual, professional and honest.  They came to clean an area rug and my large sofa that unfortunately had an awful cat urine smell to it.  He recommended a couple products for it and didn't push the stuff I didn't want.  It's been 3 days later and the urine smell is out and my things are so clean!  I would highly recommend them to any one looking to get their upholstery or rugs clean!"

-Lauren C. of San Francisco, CA

 "Chris and Malik came to clean our carpets and couches this past Saturday. They showed up a bit earlier than scheduled, but called me well in advance, and when they saw that I was nursing a hangover they said all I needed to do was stay in bed and they'd take care of the rest. They definitely took care of things - they moved things out of the way so I wouldn't have to, and when going over the prices again tried to stay as close to the original quote as possible. I didn't even need to go back to bed because I had such a great time chatting with them! My carpets were really bad, with stains everywhere and lots of signs of wear. Now they are literally spotless. I was really amazed. And it only took them a little over an hour. Thank you to Chris and Malik for making my carpet/upholstery cleaning experience easy and (gasp) fun! I will definitely use them again."

- Natalie R. of San Francisco, CA

 "Just had Malik clean my stained carpeting and was very pleased.  This is the second time I've used Chem-Dry by Leonard and received great service each time.  Both times, the technician went over the estimated charges before starting the job and the price was very reasonable.  The carpet looks great and the stains came out!  These guys are incredibly polite and professional.  I couldn't ask for more."

- Jan O. of San Francisco, CA

 "They did a great job on our apartment when we were moving out! Very affordable and friendly! We highly recommend them! They were very flexible with their time and the carpet looks brand new! Thank you for you work!!"

- Mike A. of Sacramento, CA

 "I had three oriental rugs that had pet urine smell. Chris did a great job bringing back the bright colors in the rugs and removing the odor. He was extremely professional and kind during the entire job. Chem-Dry cost me HALF of what other companies wanted for my three rugs.  I will definitely be calling them next time and I highly recommend Chem-Dry by Leonard." 

-Brett V. of San Francisco, CA

 "I have to say, I was in a bind and Leonard came through. My room mate was moving out and I needed same-day carpet cleaning (this was a Saturday). Leonard was very professional, scheduled the appointment and cleaned my 2 bedroom condo within 2 hours. The stains on the carpet from my room mate were very deep and were removed, restoring the carpets back to their original condition. I highly recommend Leonard for any carpet and upholstery cleaning you need." 

- Trevor L. of San Francisco, CA

 "My carpets were a mess! Dog hair, stains, spilled coffee and the usual high traffic dirt on off white carpets! Well, when Mr. Leonard assessed the situation he told me it wouldn't be a problem to get it and when I got back to my place about an hour later the carpet was SPOTLESS. Besides the terrific job he did on the carpets he was also super nice and dog friendly. I will always call him back for the carpet cleaning. What a great experience!" 

- Matthias B. of Los Angeles, CA