13 Weird Carpet Facts in San Francisco- Chem-Dry By Leonard
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girl sleeping on clean carpet

1. The famous Red Carpet used for the Oscars has its own security team. They ensure that it stays in good condition and that nobody tries to cut off a piece as a souvenir. In the March 2018 Oscars there were over 500 LAPD officers present!

2. Some dream interpretations say that dreaming of a carpet with a bright floral pattern means you can expect love and happiness in your life. A dream about carpet definitely sounds like a dream come true if that is the case!

3. Yikes! Dust mites eat dead skin cells. They thrive in dirty carpet because it is warm and humid, plus they get the food they need.

4. To keep your home in tip top shape and keep those that live there feeling good, you should schedule a carpet cleaning every 3-6 months.

philadelphia skyline

5. The phrase “Call on the carpet” means to scold someone.

6. The stomach flu virus, the Norovirus, can survive in uncleaned carpet for a month. 

Sometimes even longer!*

7. As with many firsts, the first carpet industry is said to have began in Philadelphia. William Sprague started the first woven carpet mill in 1791.

8. The word carpet roots from the Latin word carpere, which translates to pull to pieces or to pluck.

9. The film Aladdin is set in a fictional arabian city. To say ‘magic carpet’ in Arabic, the language Aladdin would have spoken, say ‘albisat alsihriu’.

green 70s carpet

10. Keeping your carpet clean contributes to better indoor air quality. Removing the build up of dirt, allergens, dust mites, and bacteria keep your carpet and your air clean. This leads to good health for you and your family!

11. Carpet flooring keeps you warmer than other flooring.

12. In the 70’s it wasn’t uncommon to see wall-to-wall bright colored carpet. Colors like hot pink or neon green were considered trendy and fashionable! Much different from the warm, earthy tones or grays that we see more commonly today.

13. The longest carpet in the world has more square footage than a standard house! The Qasr al-Alam carpet measures at 5,625 square feet total. It was created in Iran by artist Ali Khaliqi and took over 16 months to make, even with 1,200 women working to weave the massive carpet.  

*Bakalar, Nicholas. Where the Germs Are: A Scientific Survey. Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2003.