Top 3 Tough Thanksgiving Stains and How to Remove Them
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Thanksgiving foods are great on your plate, but gross on your carpet! Below we explain the most common ways to remove three tough Thanksgiving stains. Remember that when trying new solutions, you should always test them somewhere inconspicuous so you don’t damage your carpet. Once you see how the solution affects your carpet, test it out on the stain. These three remedies will leave you with a reason to be thankful this season!

1. Cranberry sauce

Cranberry Sauce Stain Removal

Sweet sweet cranberry sauce. It’s wonderful on a fresh turkey slice or hot stuffing, but it’s not so wonderful when on your carpet. To remove cranberry sauce from your carpet you will need a spoon, mild soap, warm water, and a white rag or cloth. For best results act as soon as possible!

  1. Gather up any chunks and large pieces using a spoon.
  2. Mix one tablespoon of mild dish soap with two cups of cool water. It is recommended to test the solution somewhere out of sight (under your sofa or bookshelf) to make sure it doesn’t remove any dye or damage carpet.
  3. Wet the clean white towel with the soap solution and blot around the stain working your way to the middle. Do not rub or scrub, this will make the stain worse.
  4. Continue blotting the stain with new clean parts of the cloth. Be patient and remember not to scrub the carpet. If there is still liquid in carpet, you may need to use another damp cloth.
  5. Once the cloth does not pull up anymore coloring from the cranberry sauce stain, place a new clean dry cloth atop the stain. Place a heavy object on the dry cloth and leave the stain to sit for 30 minutes or until dry.

2. Gravy

removing gravy stains in merced Ca

Dirty carpets after Thanksgiving will leave you saying, “Good Gravy!”. Follow the steps below to save your carpets from a gravy disaster. You will need a large serving spoon, baking soda, clean white cloth, unscented laundry detergent, and water.

  1. Start by scooping up whatever gravy you can using a large plastic serving spoon.
  2. Next sprinkle baking soda to act as an absorbent and soak up excess liquid. (If you do not have baking soda, you can use cornstarch instead). Leave the baking soda on your carpet for 15 minutes or longer to soak up the grease from the gravy.
  3. Vacuum or carefully scoop away the baking soda. Apply baking soda to the area repeatedly as necessary to soak up as much gravy as possible. (Before applying any liquid to the stain be sure to remove the baking soda while the carpet is still dry).
  4. Apply a clean cloth to the area to test if the stain remains. Blot the area with the cloth repeatedly.
  5. If the stain remains, mix up unscented laundry detergent with water at a 1-to-20 ratio. Sponge the area with the mixture. It is always wise to test the mixture on a piece of your carpet or upholstery that it somewhat out of sight (the bottom of the upholstered chair, on the carpet underneath the sofa, etc.).
  6. Blot the stain to absorb the soap solution. Repeat steps 2-5 as necessary.

Thanksgiving Beet Stains

3. Beets

A beet stain can be one of the toughest stains to beat! In this case especially, it is important to act promptly.

You will need a clean towel, dish soap, water and hydrogen peroxide.

  1. Blot up as much of the beet juice as possible with a clean towel.
  2. Mix one Tablespoon of dish soap with 1-2 cups of cool water.
  3. Apply the dish soap mixture to the stain using a clean cloth. Start on the outside and work your way toward the middle of the stain. Blot, don’t scrub. Rubbing the stain can make the stain worse and push the beet juice further into the carpet.
  4. Repeat steps two and three as necessary.
  5. If the beet stain is still in your carpet, it is time to try hydrogen peroxide. Test a small amount somewhere inconspicuous on the carpet (under furniture, or somewhere else out of sight). If your carpet responds well, use a 3% hydrogen peroxide on the stain.
  6. Leave the hydrogen peroxide on the beet stain for one minute.
  7. Remove the remains of the stain by blotting the spot. Apply light pressure with a damp cloth, then a dry one. Repeat until the towels have soaked up the stain, solution, and hydrogen peroxide. 

The only leftovers you should have from Thanksgiving are happy memories in your mind and extra turkey in your refrigerator. If the stains still remain after trying these three remedies, it may be time to call in the professionals. We have had success removing red wine, chocolate, berries and countless of other intense stains left by food. Call us here at Chem-Dry by Leonard to schedule an appointment this holiday season at (415) 747-0555.